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Costs are still galloping ahead , our cat litter is now nearly £12.00 per bag, so it costs £1.50 just to fill the cats tray for the first time, and electricity  has gone up by a factor of 4. we have replaced all the lights with led lamps, and are installing our own generator for daytime power. other than using a team of trained mice in a treadmill, i cannot see a cheaper soloution to the cost of power.

We are both getting older and need to find some more staff to reduce our work load especially Christines and this is our priority over this year.

As on previous occasions i have reported on our current wildlife, We seem to have established a family of roe deer , and the munkjacs are always to be seen either in our garden or fields. Still too many foxes. and the rabbits are coming back again. They seem to have a cycle of myxymotosis which nearly wipes them out then a couple of years recovery then just when you notice an abundance of rabbits the myxi strikes again, its about a 4 year cycle, but thats nature.

Easter has been cold this year but is early however the warm but wet winter has brought plants on early together with the  grass and weeds. our home generation is working but fuel prices continue to rise making the cost savings smaller than hoped but still a saving. we have kept our cattery pricing the same for the past 3 years but rises are on the horizon for shure.

Our wild life population continues to grow with a significant rise in rabbits moorhens and small birds. we have at least two pairs of tawney owls and a large "squabble"of jackdaws. the name suits them.....  

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