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About Pussy Willows Luxury Feline Accommodation


At Pussy Willows our philosophy is to care for your cat as if it were one of our own much loved pets. We are a small, dedicated team who have a wealth of experience in cat care.

We will provide your cat with the food of your choice during their stay, for specialised or prescription food advised by your vet, please bring some along with you. We stock a wide range of cat food, biscuits and treats. Just let us know what your cat likes and we will supply it if easily available in most shops.

We provide heated beds for extra comfort in the winter and bad weather.
Litter trays and wood based litter are used, and are changed daily and during the day when necessary.

We are able to administer any medication to your cat that is prescribed by a vet however charges may be applicable if advanced medication is required. All cats must be vaccinated and a current vaccination certificate will be required upon arrival.

Should your cat require grooming we are more than happy to oblige but ask that you provide the equipment necessary as for reasons of hygiene we do not provide communal brushes or combs. Also please make sure your cat is used to being groomed and will be unstressed with us doing this for you

Beds, bedding, scratch posts are provided as standard. You are welcome to bring along your cat's favourite blanket, toy or something that reminds them of home,as long as you feel your cat will be safe with the items you may bring.

We encourage you to put your own cat into its room and spend a little time talking to the staff. It is important to us that you are completely happy, relaxed, and do not feel rushed, and most importantly, that your cat feels calm and settled.  


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