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Pussy Willows Cattery News


Pussy Willows Cattery is located on  a small farm just 5 miles south of Birmingham city centre, inspite of that we have a wealth of wild life either resident or visiting us.

Our munkjack deer and roe deer are still regular visitors their tracks in the orchard are very muddy now , our mallard ducks, the visits are getting larger as the winter progresses and food gets harder for them to find in the wild so its easier for them to visit us, the word soon  gets round their mates and we ususlly get up to 40 of them as spring approaches. This time of year is quiet in the cattery so we take advantage of this to repaint, renew and generally improve the facilities we offer. Covid has affected our bookings for skiers going to france for winter sports breaks this year, and so we hope easter and whitson are relativly covid free.

The last few days have been cold with night frosts which will help to kill off the slugs and snails which are a pest in the flowers we try to grow to liven the place up a bit. our warming climare is causing disruption to the natural cycle of things and we notice them in the country more than they do in the town.

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